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Aim and Scope

Critical Social Work offers the opportunity for constructive dialogue in the interest of achieving social justice. We recognize the historical nature of both human capability and social justice. With such recognition, we do not attempt a definitive definition of either. In part the goal of Critical Social Work is to assist us collectively in recognizing the current potentials for social justice as well as the future possibilities. Further, we recognize that a contemporary definition of social justice must deal with the issues of legal, moral, and economic obligation of both the individual and the collective.

We propose that through dialogue there exists the possibility of refining our ideas about the individual and community, clarifying the relationship between interpersonal relations and institutional structures, and identifying actions that promote both individual and community well-being. To this end Critical Social Work strives, for this is surely critical social work, that is, activity directed towards establishing essential judgments in constructing a sustaining context for conviviality.

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