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Understanding Social Life in a Changing World

Our Department Highlights

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Our Programs: Students' Perspectives

  • Award-winning, accessible teachers and researchers committed to your education and to public service
  • Courses relevant to your life
  • A tight-knit student society committed to peer support and collaborative community engagement
  • Comprehensive and flexible degree programs
  • Publically relevant research expertise in cutting-edge areas of our core disciplines
  • Engaged students and professors that celebrate diversity
  • Bachelor, master, and doctoral-level degree programs

Our disciplines -- Sociology, Anthropology, Criminology, and Family and Social Relations -- are dedicated to understanding and explaining the social world, how it affects people's lives, and how a more just and humane world can be achieved. We attend to issues of social structure and social change, crime, law and justice, arrays of power inequalities and their consequences, sexuality and the family, and cultural diversity. Our programs in family, sexuality, and sexual health are unique in Canada. Relevant programs, accessible professors committed to your education, and a tight-knit, supportive student society facilitate a rich, student-centred experience.

Our Department holistically integrates academic study, critical thinking skills, communications and presentation skills, research and organizational skills central to social analysis, theory, and practical experience. We provide a foundation for professional and academic success.

A team of professional and caring support staff and professors, located on the first floor of Chrysler Hall South, are here to help you. Please visit our Contact page for more information.