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Resources for Current CMF Students

Resource Tools For Casting Calls and Filming

For Communication, Media and Film students looking to book a room for filming purposes or casting calls on campus, please adhere to the following:

  • Your professor should endorse your bookings for the department with CAW Student Centre or Registrar's
  • To book a room at CAW Centre, please have your professor contact  x3235. Booking a room requires you to come in and speak to that department regarding your need.
  • To Book Rooms within CMF department there is a schedule for it at Room 4117. The student can review schedule and post a time within our business hours 8am-4:30 pm. Any activities outside of this has to be supervised by a professor and steps taken for security via Campus Police.  REQUESTS SHOULD BE MADE AT LEAST A WEEK IN ADVANCE.
  • Room 4107A Student Lounge is not available to book for casting calls or film shoots.

UWindsor Talent Casting Services

Students can also email and this connects them with the group responsible for casting calls, which was originally on CLEW under Prof. Simon Du Toit's supervision. Students can register for this service from various departments including Drama.

Mass Emailing and Advertising

IT Services provides a mass email option for University sanctioned activities and they can target specific groups currently at the University:

Another option to advertise / promote through the Daily News, which is delivered to everyone's email Inbox normally on a daily basis as to broaden the audience.

Resources for Release Forms and other documentation used on Film Sets

Scroll down are the following documents for use on any film set for the Universty of Windsor.




Windsor Cast Contract - SAMPLE.doc33 KB
Windsor Casting Info Sheet - SAMPLE.doc42 KB
Windsor Sample Casting Letter.doc25.5 KB