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Program Requirements

  • Students must complete five courses (three required and two elective)—and a major research paper (MRP).
  • Students are encouraged to complete these requirements in one year (three semesters).

The following few steps can help students achieve this goal:

(i) Complete all 5 courses over the Fall and Winter semesters. The three required courses are: 40-500, 40-501 and 40-502. A list of elective courses can be found here. Please note that elective courses are offered on a rotating basis.

(ii) Students should finalize the topic for their MRP by the end of the Fall semester and should have their committee informally in place by the end of week 6 of the Winter term.

Forms can be downloaded from the Faculty of Graduate Studies website or are available from the Graduate Secretary in Room 4110 Lambton Tower.

Major Research Paper/Project:

Students must complete a Major Research Paper (MRP) in order to fulfill the requirements for the Master’s degree. The MRP is approximately 35-45 (double-spaced) pages in length and is a piece of original scholarly research that augments or enhances knowledge of the topic under investigation. The student may undertake portions of the major research project as a part of course work, but the final piece of work must be publicly presented at an oral defense. This option requires two intra-departmental committee members (Supervisor & Program Reader), but not an external examiner.

Other Information:

Thesis Option: Under special circumstances, students have the option of completeing a thesis instead of an MRP. Students approved to undertake the thesis option (with faculty recommendation based on performance evaluation) must complete a total of four courses. For eligible students, information about the thesis option is available upon request.

Academic Standing: All M.A. students must maintain an average of B- or higher. A grade of C+ or less for any course in the Master’s Program normally signifies a failure for that course. Students may elect to repeat any course once if they receive a grade of less than B-. A student with a grade point average of less than B- for two successive terms will normally be asked to withdraw from the program.

Annual Report: All M.A. students are required to submit a report detailing their progress through the program on May 31 of each year. The forms must be completed by the student and signed by their supervisor. Forms are distributed through the Graduate Secretary’s office or online at the Graduate Faculty website.

Residency Requirements: Students must be registered for a minimum of three semesters on a full-time basis. Students must be enrolled in 40-796 (major research paper) or 40-797 (thesis) in the semester in which they intend to defend. Registration in 40-796 or 40-797 is considered full-time.