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Production Equipment and Facilities

Nathan Laughland rack focusing RED Scarlet camera with Actor Mike LeClair - Photo Cred. Kurt Sasso

RED Scarlet: Some highlights of our package include HD swivel magic arm mounted monitor, rail system with redrock follow focus, Mattebox w/4x4 filter packages, shoulder mount package with quick-release weight kit, and more. Our RED Scarlet is not just a RED Scarlet - it is an entire industry standard professional grade Scarlet PACKAGE.

Preparing for indoor shoot with RED Scarlet and Flo Lights - Photo Cred. Kurt Sasso

An advantage of the RED Scarlet over the earlier RED camera packages is the form factor and upgradability to the RED Dragon. The RED Dragon, which was recently announced, is a new sensor that will allow us to shoot in 4k with a whopping 20 stops of dynamic range.

Kyle Archibald prepares the Drone for an outdoor shoot - Photo Cred. Mike LeClair



The Cinewing-6 is a super sized hexacopter with 3 axis gyro self stabilized/rotating gimbal capable of holding camera payloads up to 10lbs with flight times lasting as long as 15 minutes. With its state of the art futuva GPS/transmitter/receiver the Cinewing-6 has an operating range of up to 1.5 kilometres

Upon request the CMF Cinewing-6 is used to collect specialty aerial shots for our undergraduates film productions and the official University of Windsor promotional video, show exclusively by our CMF Advanced Communication Students under the guidance of Professor Tony Lau and Department Film Production Technician Mr. Kyle Archibald.

Slider and Blackmagic Camera on location preparing for action - Photo Cred. Haoqi Yang

Blackmagic 2.5k Cinema Cameras: These are excellent learning tools for student filmmakers, shooting fully RAW video, with an amazing dynamic range of 13 stops. Starting in second year, students in our program have the opportunity to shoot, edit, and colour grade fully raw footage.  Students getting hands on shooting experience and learning the workflow process of this camera will also be prepared for working with industry standard gear in the camera department of any major film set, or the editing suite of any major post-production house.

Night shoot using Crane and Canon 5D Mark 3 for Senior Project - Photo Cred. Haoqi Yang

5d Mark III: This is Canon’s flagship camera for cinematography and has been used to shoot countless independent feature films, shorts, commercials, and television shows. The 5d has excellent low light noise control, and fully manual cinema controls, allowing students the opportunity to learn the relationships involved between the various cinematic elements and choices involved in achieving the creation of a desired look. Our 5d Mark III is also compatible with our entire Cinema Prime lens set, and sigma zooms.

Douglas Cunningham setting up Softbox on Arri Lighting Kit - Photo Cred. Kurt Sasso

Lighting: Our lighting line-up includes three brand new Arri Fresnel Blueline lighting kits, a standard on all professional sets. They are the workhorses of the lighting department on any production. Each kit includes three Fresnel bluelines with various wattage.

We also have brand new LED panel and roto lighting. LED lighting is a new development in the lighting world, with the ability to change colour temperatures and light intensity with the turn of a dial.

Angel holding Sennheiser me66 shotgun mic w/boom pole & Zoom H4N - Photo Cred. Kurt Sasso

SOUND: We have a fantastic sound department, something overlooked by many student filmmakers. We have six brand new Me66 Sennheiser shotgun mic kits with blimp enclosure, windshields and boompoles. The Me66 is a well-known microphone that provides cinema quality sound, and is used on film sets around the world. We also have 12 Zoom H4n recorders, and a 302 Field Mixer.

POST-PRODUCTION FACILITIES: Our brand new Mac lab is outfitted with 20 new iMacs, each installed with AVID editing software, Adobe Premiere CC, Protools 11, Davinci Resolve, and Final Cut Pro 7 and X. AVID editing software is the industry standard. Students have access to the same software on which almost every major Hollywood production in the last year has been edited.

Davinci Resolve is the industry standard in colour correction and is used by professional colour graders worldwide. Our Macs are capable of handling full 2.5k RAW footage in the AVID suite, and, for our 4k raw Scarlet footage we have two Mac Pros and two PCs dedicated for post-production handling of Scarlet projects.

Protools 11 is the most up to date version of the industry standard post-production sound editing/design software for film.

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