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Asquith, Kyle, ed. Forthcoming. Advertising, Consumer Culture, and Canadian Society: A Reader. Toronto: Oxford University Press Canada.

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Brown, B. Forthcoming. The Boom in ‘Broken Windows’: examining the place of digitized street art in post-industrial urban renewal. Architecture_MPS: Architecture, Media, Politics, Society.

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Stasko, M. Forthcoming. “The Control”. Writer, Producer, Director, Lead Actor. A post-modern sci-fi thriller feature film in post-production, release slated for 2017, (91 min).

Stasko, M. 2006-2016. “Things To Do”. Writer, Editor, Associate Producer, Lead Actor. A comedic feature film, official selection: Slamdance International Film Festival, Stockholm International Film Festival, rescreened Windsor International Film Festival. Theatrical and DVD release across North America (The Movie Network, Blockbuster, Mongrel Media, Lifesize Entertainment), (85 min).

Stasko, M. 2014-2015. “The Birder”. Writer, Co-Producer, Actor. A comedic feature film, official selection: Calgary International Film Festival, Raindance Film Festival, L.A. Comedy Fest, Canada Film Fest. Made with TeleFilm Canada, Industry Works. Theatrical, DVD and Television release, sold to Sony Pictures in USA. Starring Tom Cavanagh (Ed, The Flash), Fred Willard (Wall-E, Best In Show) and Graham Greene (Dances With Wolves, The Green Mile), (85 min).

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