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Welcome to the Graduate Program in Communication and Social Justice!

The M.A. program in Communication and Social Justice offers students a unique opportunity to pursue media studies in an environment conducive to addressing social justice issues. In particular, the M.A. in Communication and Social Justice bridges two main approaches to the study of communications, media and culture—namely, Political Economy and Critical Cultural Studies.

The political economy of communication typically concerns itself with how policies, regulations, technologies, media institutions, laws, and concentrations of wealth and power affect the media, and conversely the ways in which this affects social, political and economic power structures. Critical Cultural Studies has emerged as an area that focuses on cultural practices, representation in media texts, cultural production and consumption.

Taken together, these two approaches compliment and inform one another impacting the interpretation of everyday communicative and symbolic environments.

Through advanced course work and research, the M.A. program will:

  • Prepare students for careers in sectors such as: public relations for advocacy organizations, governmental and non-governmental organizations, communication policy analysis, media research, journalism, and multimedia
  • Prepare students to better understand and critically appraise the evolving social, cultural, political and technological environment
  • Prepare students for entry into Ph.D. programs in Communication and cognate fields

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