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MRP Details

Major Research Paper (MRP):

  1. The Major Paper/Project is a scholarly essay/research project that shows evidence of critical analysis and understanding on a topic approved by the student’s supervisor and acknowledged by the program coordinator.
  2. The Major Paper/Project committee will include a supervisor, who is a member of graduate faculty, and one other program faculty member.  Additional members may be added with the approval of the program coordinator.
  3. Upon completion of the Major Paper/Project each student will deliver a public oral presentation and defense which shall be announced publicly (with a copy sent to the Office of Graduate Studies) at least eight days in advance.  Major Paper/Projects are graded by the committee with letter grades or as satisfactory or unsatisfactory.
  4. A copy of the major paper must be brought by the student to the Office of Graduate Studies (CHT 316) to be checked for format prior to making the final copies for depositing and binding. Allow at least 2 business days for format-checking - failure to allow sufficient time for format checking could mean deferring graduation until the next Convocation.
  5. After the major paper is approved by the candidate’s committee and by the Graduate Studies office, the student deposits the required number of copies -  see deposit steps.

For more detailed information regarding formatting your MRP, please see here.

For more detailed information regarding the Oral Defense, please see below.


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