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Department of Communication, Media and Film
Celebrating 50 Years

About Us

The Department of Communication, Media and Film provides students with a comprehensive understanding of both traditional forms of media as well as emerging new media.



Our program offers students the opportunity to develop the conceptual and critical skills necessary to interpret our media saturated world and the dynamic changes engendered by rapidly developing communication technologies. However, our students are also engaged as producers, as “meaning-makers,” through an array of “hands-on” courses that allow students to produce their own stories about their experiences and communities in a variety of media formats. Communication, Media and Film at the University of Windsor is one of the few programs in Canada that combines social sciences, theory-based formation with digital media production. 

As students in Communication, Media and Film, you are at the centre of exploring some of the most dynamic changes in the media environment and the cultural, social, economic and political implications of technological developments and innovations. 

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