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Undergraduate Laboratories

The undergraduate laboratories are newly renovated.

The development of practical, hands-on laboratory skills is essential in the training of chemists and biochemists.

Our labs ensure that the students work in an efficient, modern and very safe environment.

First year lab information can be found at the 59-140 and 59-141 websites
Upper year lab information at the Undergraduate Chemistry Laboratories page

The following courses have lab sections that run in our new laboratories:

59-110 Topics in General Chemistry
59-140 Introductory Chemistry I
59-141 Introductory Chemistry II
59-230 Introductory Organic Chemistry I
59-235 Introductory Organic Chemistry II
59-240 Introductory Physical Chemistry I
59-241 Introductory Physical Chemistry II
59-251 Introductory Inorganic Chemistry II
59-261 Introductory Inorganic Chemistry II
59-320 Analytical Chemistry
59-321 Principles of Instrumental Analysis
59-330 Spectroscopic Characterization of Molecules
59-331 Intermediate Inorganic Chemistry II
59-350 Organometallic Chemistry
59-380 Biotechnology Laboratory
Undergraduate Lab
Newly renovated laboratories include brand new state-of-the-art six foot fumehoods and elephant trunks.
Elephant trunks are used like miniature fumehoods for conducting reactions on the benchtop without exposure to noxious fumes.
A multi-purpose instrumentation laboratory is used for analytical and physical chemistry.
Here are some second and third year students in action in the analytical chemistry lab.
First year laboratories are also newly renovated
Here are students in the second year biochemistry laboratory.
Students in the inorganic laboratory do much of their synthetic work in the fumehoods.
This includes the use of vacuum lines in their preparations.
Upper year laboratories are manned by senior graduate students.
We consider laboratory experience to be an important part of chemical education.
We also hope that the students enjoy the laboratory component of their studies!

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