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Scholarship & Awards

Official scholarships and student aid listings for the University of Windsor can be found at the following links:

Did you know? Outstanding Scholars Award

If you intend to major in Chemistry (not Biochemistry or Biotech) or Chemistry & Physics programs, as well as other physical sciences programs like Physics, Earth Sciences and Math, you will also be offered our Outstanding Scholars Award:

80 - 84.9% Outstanding Scholars Award of $4000 ($1000 x 4 years)
85 - 89.9% Outstanding Scholars Award of $6000 ($1500 x 4 years)
90 - 94.9% Outstanding Scholars Award of $8000 ($2000 x 4 years)
95 - 100% Outstanding Scholars Award of $10,000 ($2500 x 4 years)

Students in this program will also be mentored in their first year in preparation for guaranteed Outstanding Scholars Appointments in their Department/School valued at $2000 for each of second, third, fourth years, provided all conditions are met. Conditions may vary by program. Visit the current Outstanding Scholars page!

For more information, please contact the Faculty of Science office:

Scholarships & Awards: Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry

The following awards are offered on an annual basis to students enrolled in all programs in the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry:

Peter Wyzinski Memorial Award (3rd year: Chemistry, $500)
Canadian Society for Chemistry Prizes (4th year: Chemistry, Biochemistry)
Society for Chemical Industry Award (4th year: Chemistry, Biochemistry)
Hutnik Research Award (Best research project, Biochemistry, $500)
Dennis Tuck Memorial Award (Best research project, Chemistry, $500)

Decisions on these scholarships are made by the Undergraduate Awards committee, and typically announced in April of each year.

Research Scholarships

Undergraduates in their second, third and fourth years with a GPA over 78% are eligible to apply for NSERC Undergraduate Summer Research Awards which enable students to work in a research laboratory in the department from May until August.


The information on this page is unofficial - all official scholarship listings are at the links provided above.

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