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Official Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry Guidelines and Policies

Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
at the University of Windsor
Guidelines for Examinations, Assignments and Laboratory Reports

Cheating and Plagiarism

  1. During an examination, students must not have in their possession any unauthorized books, notes, or extraneous material, unless permitted by the instructor.
  2. All incidents of cheating and plagiarism will be reported by the instructor directly and immediately to the Departmental Head for consideration of disciplinary action as delineated in Senate By-law 31.


  1. Students may only use calculators approved by the Faculty of Science and/or their instructors. Programmable calculators and calculators with infra-red transmission capability are not permitted.


  1. Attendance of laboratories and mid-term examinations is MANDATORY.
  2. Students who miss a mid-term examination or laboratory must provide written documentation to justify an absence. Unexcused absences or incomplete laboratory reports will result in a grade of incomplete, which in turn will result in a grade of incomplete for the course.
  3. Such a student should call the departmental office 253-3000 x3521 to report his/her name and the examination missed within 24 hours of the exam.
  4. Written documentation justifying the absence must be presented within 48 hours of the examination or as soon as possible.
  5. Excuses will not be accepted after a student has taken an examination.

Midterm examination

  1. Examinations should be written in non-erasable ink.
  2. All grade appeals must be accompanied with a written rationale for the grade appeal. Requests such as "see question xx" contain insufficient information and will not be considered for a grade appeal.
  3. All grade appeals must be made either within five working days after the examination is returned to the class, or by a date designated by the professor.

Laboratory Reports/Assignments

  1. Plagiarism is defined in By-law 31. Students are reminded that copying laboratory reports and assignments constitutes plagiarism. When two or more laboratory reports/assignments containing substantially identical material are submitted, the incident will be reported to the Department Head for consideration of disciplinary action as delineated in Senate By-law 31.

Final Examinations

  1. A student may inspect his/her own corrected final examination.
  2. Students who wish a formal appeal of their final examination/grade as described in By-law 51 may complete the appropriate paperwork at the registrar's office. In general, successful appeals will be based solely on academic merit. Grade appeals to satisfy admission or scholarship requirements or other program prerequisites will be rejected.

(These guidelines were approved by the Departmental Council on 19 Dec. 1996; updated Sep. 2003; updated revisions approved September 10, 2013)

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