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Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Facility

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Facility
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry


The 3 NMR instruments in Rm 394-5 EH will be shut down starting the week of Oct29th to prepare them for the move into the new Essex CORe Building.  The 300 MHz in RM B82 will be up and availble for researchers until the instruments are working in the new building.  

News: NMR Facility to move to new Essex CORe Building in 2018

SRIF Building Construction Photos

The NMR Facility for the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry is a departmental resource devoted to application of nuclear magnetic resonance techniques to chemical and biochemical problems including the elucidation of molecular structure and measurement of molecular dynamics, association and other parameters amenable to this technology. This facility is designed to be easy to use for standard experiments for trained users, however, unusual or challenging projects are welcomed by the Facility Manager, please consult me about any possible NMR related projects.

The other mandate for this facility is to train chemists and biochemists to use the wide range of NMR experiments that can be of aid in their research. In addition to day to day training that occurs in this facility there are also periodic Workshops offered in the practical aspects of implementing experiments and processing data at both a beginner's and at advanced level.

The main facility has 3 NMR spectrometers, a 500 MHz Bruker AvanceIII that can be used for solution or solid state NMR studies and two 300 MHz solution Bruker spectrometers.  In addition there is another 300 MHz solution spectrometer for use in the undergraduate labs and which can be used for research purposes when those labs are not in session.

The NMR Facility now uses the FACES website for booking NMR time.  Please contact the NMR Facility Co-ordinator for a FACES account.


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