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FAQ: Undergraduate Chemistry & Biochemistry

This page is designed for students in undergraduate chemistry & biochemistry, as well as for high school students who are thinking about a career in chemistry, biochemistry or related fields. You may want to read this brief description of our programs and department before getting started below.
Click on the headings below for further information:

Chemistry - All about chemistry
Programs - What can you learn at the University of Windsor
Careers - What careers can you aim for?
Research - Interested in scientific research? Click here!


  • What is Chemistry?
  • Where does chemistry sit in relation to other sciences?
  • Chemistry seems like a vast field - is it divided up somehow?
  • What sort of problems do chemists work on? What sort of questions do they ask?


  • What programs are available in the chemistry department?
  • What are the admission requirements for First Year?
  • How should I decide what program to go into?
  • Is there an undergraduate degree in forensic chemistry or environmental chemistry?


  • What careers can I look forward to with a degree in chemistry?
  • What sort of salaries do career chemists make?
  • What about professional school admissions, like medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, law and veterinary colleges?
  • Did you say law? What does chemistry have to do with law?


  • What is research in chemistry and biochemistry all about?
  • Can I participate in research at the undergraduate level?
  • What about graduate studies?

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