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Faculty Member and Research Area Links

Please click on the faculty names or associated research areas below to be directed to their webpages for more information.  Personal web pages are linked in the "Research Area" column.

Alphabetical Faculty Listing

Faculty Member
Research Area
Ananvoranich, Sirinart Biochemistry Biochemistry
Carmichael, Tricia Breen  Materials Chemistry Inorganic/Materials
Dieni, Chris MMB Program Lab Coord/Lecturer Biochemistry
Dutton, Philip  Physical Organic Organic
Eichhorn, S. Holger Materials/Organic/Polymer Chemistry Organic/Physical
Gauld, James  Computational Chemistry  Biochemistry/Physical
Green, James  Organic Chemistry  Organic
Johnson, Samuel  Transition Metal Chemistry & Materials  Inorganic/Materials
Kaur, Tranum MMB Program Coordinator Biochemistry
Lee, Lana Biochemistry Biochemistry
Loeb, Stephen  Supramolecular Chemistry  Inorganic/Organic
Macdonald, Charles  Main Group Organometallic  Chemistry Inorganic
Marquardt, Drew Biomembranes Biochemistry
Mundle, Scott Environmental Chemistry/Geochemistry Analytical
Mutus, Bulent  Redox Signaling in Vascular Cells  Biochemistry
Pandey, Siyaram Cell Death  Biochemistry
Rawson, Jeremy  Inorganic and Molecular Materials Physical/Materials
Rondeau-Gagne, Simon Organic Materials Organic/Materials
Schurko, Robert  Solid-State NMR Physical/Materials
Taylor, Keith Environmental Biotechnology Biochemistry
Trant, John Biomaterials


Tong Yufeng Experimental Biochemistry Biochemistry
Vacratsis, Panayiotis  Cell Signaling and Proteomics Biochemistry
Wang, Jichang Non-linear Chemical Dynamics Physical/Analytical
Wang, Zhuo Polymer & Materials Chemistry  Materials/Organic
Sessional Instructors 
Dr. Pardeep Sidhu (W18) Essex Hall 253
Dr. Dante J. Capaldi (W18) Essex Hall 253
Dr. Anna Kozarova (I/S18)
Dr. John Hayward (I/S18) Essex Hall 255
Emeritus & Retired Faculty
Aroca, Ricardo  Raman Spectroscopy  Physical/Analytical
Drake, John  Inorganic Chemistry  Inorganic
McGarvey, Bruce Electron Spin Resonance Physical
McIntosh, John  Organic Chemistry  Organic
Rumfeldt, Robert Physical Chemistry Physical
Thibert, Roger Biochemistry Biochemistry

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