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  • Staff can be contacted by phone from off campus by dialing 253-3000 followed by the 4 digit extension numbers below
  • Click on the staff names to reach them via email.
  • Chemical Control Centre staff can be contacted via the CCC website
  • All general inquiries can be made to
Administrative Staff
Bezaire, Marlene Graduate Secretary 3520
Kickham, Elizabeth Departmental Coordinator 3527
Pierce, Jayne Secretary to the Head 3526
Laboratory Technicians

Al-Nidawy, Nedhal First Year Lab Coordinator 4239
Lee, Una Upper Years Lab Coordinator 3543
San Juan, Ronan Lab Coordinator 3547
Franklin, Norah Biotechnology Lab Coordinator 2714
Technical Support Staff

Auld, Janeen Mass Spec Instrument Specialist 3518
Ditchburn, Al Glassblower 3522
Lichaa, Joe Departmental Technologist 4238
Revington, Matthew NMR Facilities Coordinator 3997
Chemical Control Centre Chemical Stores & Safety 3523

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