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As part of its commitment to laboratory safety, the Department has recently launched several initiatives of which all faculty, staff and students need to be aware.

First, the Department has constituted a Departmental Safety Committee. The mandates of this Committee include reporting on safety to the Departmental Chair and council, reviewing safety-related incidents and complaints and recommending actions in response, pro-actively devising safety policies, and performing laboratory inspections. The Co-Chairs of this Committee are Dr. John Trant and Dr. Simon Rondeau Gagné, members: Dr. Tricia Carmichael (Faculty Rep), Nedhal Al-Nidawy (Staff Rep), and Stephanie Kosnik (Grad student Rep).
Inquiries regarding safety can be reported through our online reporting portal or any of the committee members.

The second initiative is a Laboratory Safety Orientation Checklist that must be filled out by all existing faculty, staff, graduate students, and undergraduate students performing research. These checklists are intended to be a standardized platform to direct and document safety training for all Department members engaged in laboratory research.

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Safety Training Links

For WHMIS, Chemical Spill Training, Compressed Gas Training, X-ray Training, Fume Hood Training and other inquiries, please visit the Chemical Control Centre website 

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