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Biological Safety Manual





The University of Windsor is committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace and learning environment for its employees, students and visitors. The University is committed to preventing occupational illness and injury in the workplace, continually improving health and safety practices and performance and believes that all tasks can be accomplished in a safe manner and in compliance with relevant health and safety legislation, codes, standards and practices. 

                --University of Windsor Health and Policy Statement, July 9/2007


The University is responsible for establishing, implementing and maintaining programs - such as the Biological Safety Program - that are designed to protect the health and safety of employees, students and visitors.  General safety policies and workplace specific procedures will be developed, documented, and implemented.

This Manual describes the requirements and procedures established by the University for work with potentially hazardous biological agents.  It is based on the Public Health Agency of Canada’s Laboratory Biosafety Guidelines (2004 / 3rd edition) and reflects current best practices.

All work conducted by University members with potentially hazardous biological agents on University premises or under the control of the University is to be performed in accordance with the requirements of this manual.



  • Management of Biological Safety
  • Applicable legislation, guidelines, and standards
  • Biological safety practices and procedures
  • Emergency procedures
  • Classification of biological agents
  • Security
  • Appendices