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Sample Projects

The CEL has successfully completed many projects for clients in and around the Windsor-Essex County. Supervised by a practicing Windsor lawyer as well as by University of Windsor faculty members, students finalized the following projects in 2011:

  • Developed a business plan, as well as a copyright analysis and support for a business dedicated to online education and training.
  • Discussed relevant government regulations on child safety, as well as developed marketing, accounting and growth plans for a baby clothes designer.
  • Provided a trademark analysis and developed a business plan for a new media business.
  • Discussed liability and insurance issues, and designed a business plan for a new family fun centre.
  • Designed a business plan and provided advice on incorporation and shareholder’s agreement as well as copyright, patent and trademark opinions for a company offering a new Android application.


The CEL produces many reports every semester. Please click on the following reports to read more:

University of Windsor Report on Cross-border Collaboration
February 2011
"International collaboration is an issue that appears to be growing at a faster rate than governments can handle. Itis for this reason, that it becomes all the more important to address the barriers to collaboration as well as some of the best practices of existing collaborations. Accordingly, the purpose of this report is to highlight the importance of cross-border collaboration as it pertains to economic, societal, and regional development. There is a need to closely examine cross border relationships, what their benefits are, and what some of the barriers that, if eliminated, would more easily allow cross border initiatives to take place. Numerous reports and studies have shown the advantage a geographical region can acquire if they partake in cross-border collaboration. This report was written to show the competitive advantage that can be gained by academic institutions, industry and municipalities once a cross border collaborative relationship is formed. Recommendations are targeted to the University of Windsor, and to other Canadian universities and public policy makers."
Report Authors:
Richard Moniz (M.B.A. 2010)
Jonathan Wypych (BComm. Cand. 2011)

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