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A Collaboration:
Faculty of Law & Odette School of Business


Note: This program has ended for the 2013 year. Please contact Nicole Sleiman for more information:

Student or recent grad? 
Need help starting or growing your business?
How does $5000 and a mentorship sound?


*Must be a student or recent graduate in Windsor-Essex County or looking to move to the area

*Must be willing to work with the CEL and local mentor(s)

*Must have a business idea and is properly prepared to start their business (completed business plan, etc...)

     OR must have a business and is looking to grow the business

How to apply:

Send your interest in applying to the Internship & Mentorship program, and answer the following questions:

1. Describe your education, work experience

2. Describe your product and/or service

   b) Describe what makes your product unique or competitive

3. Describe what actions you have taken to date to begin your business.

   b) Does your product require intellectual property ownership (patents, copyrights, trademarks, etc…)? If so, do you own these rights? 

   c) Do you have a business plan?

4. Describe how you have funded your business activities to date.

5. If funded (up to $5000), what are your plans for moving forward with your business?

6. Can you describe some attributes of an ideal mentor that might help you move forward with your venture?


Venture Forward