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A Collaboration:
Faculty of Law & Odette School of Business

About Us

A photo of the CEL class.

The Centre for Enterprise and Law

The Centre for Enterprise and Law was founded in 2010 by co-directors Dr. Francine Schlosser and Professor Myra Tawfik. Previously CBAR-IPLIN*, CEL encourages innovation and entrepreneurship in Windsor and Essex County through its collaboration with local industry, community organizations, and academia.

Every semester, the CEL recruits top performing business and law students to aid in the development and realization of local businesses. Led by project managers from the University of Windsor’s joint M.B.A./LLB program, students use their knowledge, skills and abilities to produce business deliverables and legal support for local, thriving entrepreneurs. The course is led by CEL co-directors Dr. Francine Schlosser and Professor Myra Tawfik.

The Centre for Enterprise and Law is a collaborative strategic initiative of the University of Windsor. It has received significant support from the Deans of the Odette School of Business and the University of Windsor's Faculty of Law, as well as the President’s Strategic Initiative Committee. The CEL also recognizes the continued assistance of Andrew Kuntz (Assistant Dean, Odette School of Business) and Ms. Michelle Pilutti (Assistant Dean, Faculty of Law).

“Words cannot begin to explain how grateful we are to the Centre for Enterprise and Law for having [the program] out there for people to be a part of. It made all the difference from success to failure” - Marissa Zuliani, CEL client, 2011



The CEL grew out of two independent clinical and experiential learning outreach initiatives - one at the Odette School of Business (CBAR) and the other at the Faculty of Law (IPLIN). In fact, in its first couple of years, CEL operated under the name CBAR-IPLIN. It is the only multi-disciplinary clinical and experiential learning outreach program in Canada in which business students and law students work in teams to provide custom solutions for clients throughout the Windsor-Essex region.

CBAR, also known as the The Centre for Business Advancement and Research, was founded in the summer of 2006 by twenty graduate and senior undergraduate students at the Odette School of Business and their faculty advisor, Dr. Francine Schlosser. This organization was dedicated to providing custom business solutions to local entrepreneurs. CBAR was jointly directed by Professor Jim MarshDr. Gerry Kerr and Dr. Francine Schlosser

The Intellectual Property Legal Information Network (IPLIN) was founded and supervised by Professor Myra Tawfik, IPLIN was first established through the generous support of the Law Foundation of Ontario and the Faculty of Law and was staffed by senior law students.  IPLIN was dedicated to providing public legal education and other information resources to individuals and groups within the Windsor-Essex County community who had questions regarding Intellectual Property or Innovation Law.


Venture Forward

The CEL is delighted to unveil its emblem and tagline that CTL graphic designer Peter Marval, winner of our logo design competition, has created. Marval explains, “The symbol of the figure represents the client. The figure's arc-like shape resembles a sail, stretched to its fullest and filled with potential, venturing forward to success. The green circle encompassing the figure represents the support and mentoring provided by the Centre for Enterprise and Law”, interprets Marval. The emblem and tagline can be seen at the bottom of the CEL website. We congratulate Marval on his effort to help brand the CEL as a thriving entrepreneurship centre, providing both business and legal support to local entrepreneurs.

Venture Forward