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Recruiting Guidelines

The Student Success Centre is committed to facilitating the employment process and providing a range of employment opportunities and related services representative of the co-operative education, volunteerism and employment planning needs of all students and recent graduates.

The guidelines for ethical recruitment at the University of Windsor are intended to provide a framework for the interactions between employers, students, third party recruiters and career educators.  These guidelines are in accordance to the accepted practices of the Canadian Association of Career Educators and Employers (CACEE).

As a member of the Canadian Association of Career Educators and Employers (CACEE), the Student Success Centre complies with the CACEE Guidelines for Ethical Recruitment.  All job postings and on-campus recruitment activites supported by the Student Success Centre must compile to the Ontario Employment Standards and the Ontario Human Rights Commission and relevant legislation.

Guidelines for Ethical Recruitment:

Education Verification:

The University of Windsor has joined with AuraData, Canada's online education verification system for the purposes of verifying degree completion status of University of Windsor graduates.

AuraData is now providing risk prevention in the number one area of resume fraud, post secondary / professional designation education claims.  Subscribers to AuraData can now efficiently confirm the post secondary education achievement of prospective employees, online 24/7.  AuraData does this while conforming to Federal and Provincial laws.

Employers can now minimize the hiring risk associated with education fraud so prevalent in the hiring process.  Universities, Colleges and Professional Designations now have a reliable method of assuring the credibility of their product.  Also, graduates are now protected from the illicit use of their designations by unscrupulous job hunters.

For fast, economical and convenient education verifications for the University of Windsor, visit or call (416) 406-0444 or 1-877-580-2872.