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Connect Canada

AUTO21, in partnership with the University of Windsor’s Centre for Career Education recently launched Connect Canada, a national research and development internship program for graduate students and post-doctoral fellows.  We are proud to say that we successfully competed to win this program (which represents a $5,000,000 grant) and that we are one of only two providers of this program in the entire country.

Now more than ever, Canadian companies must innovate to compete in the global marketplace. Research and development play key roles in innovation, and can lead to new and improved products, technologies, knowledge and services.

Connect Canada offers a cost-effective way for companies to engage in advanced R&D. Regardless of the sector or location across the country, Connect Canada can help companies find a graduate student or post-doctoral fellow who can help resolve the most pressing R&D issue. An investment of $5,000, the cost to secure a Connect Canada intern, could pay for itself multiple times depending on the outcome of the project. The company’s $5,000 investment is matched by a $5,000 contribution from Connect Canada, providing total funding of $10,000 to the intern.  Over the next five years, Connect Canada will facilitate a total of 750 of these internships.

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