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Unpaid Accounts

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Unpaid Accounts - Sanctions

Fees for Tuition, Compulsory Incidentals, Residence and Meal Plans are due on or before the published deadline date for payment. Payments submitted after that date are subject to interest charges. (If you are an OSAP recipient, special rules apply.) If you register after the published deadline date, you must pay your fees within 1 business day to avoid interest.

Unless arrangements have been made with the Cashiers’ Office, accounts which are not paid in full by the published due date will be subject to sanctions, which include (but are not limited to):

  • the University will not permit course changes in the current term.
  • the University will not permit subsequent registration in future terms.
  • the University will not issue any transcripts of grades nor a University Degree Parchment
  • the University will not issue income tax receipts for any semester(s) which remain unpaid.
  • the University will not issue any letters of permission or confirmation of graduation eligibility.
  • the University reserves the right to refuse production of documentation for additional purposes at their sole discretion.

Please note that you will not receive your degree parchment at convocation if you have a balance owing with the University.  Reminders will be sent out prior to convocation.  Fall 2017 convocation is held in October.  In order to receive your degree during this convocation period, you must have your account completely paid off by October 10th, 2017.  No exceptions to this deadline will be made. 

If you are paying your outstanding account with a personal cheque in the last month of the current term, or after the term has already ended, the sanctions will remain on your account for a period of thirty days (forty-five days for foreign cheques or bank drafts) to ensure that your cheque clears your account. It is therefore recommended that you pay using cash, certified cheque, debit card, or electronic banking services if you require the hold removed immediately. If you pay by personal cheque and can provide a copy of the front and back of the cancelled cheque, the hold will be removed at that time.

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Non Current Accounts Which Remain Unpaid

Once an account becomes non-current, i.e. not registered in the current academic term of the University, any balances remaining unpaid become considered for external collection. Two reminder notices are sent out to the current valid mailing address available on the myUWindsor, with deadlines for payment. If payment is not received, or arrangements for a payment plan with the University are not made, the account may be listed with an external collection agency. The University would like to avoid this extreme measure, and we strongly encourage any student who has allowed their account to lapse to contact our office and discuss their situation with us. We will try to accommodate payment plans to the best of our ability - all we ask is that the student make a committment to paying off their balance and remain consistent with the arrangement. If you make an arrangement to pay the account, and then fail to follow the arrangement, your account will then be listed with the collection agency without further notice to you.

Please be aware that the sanctions outlined above continue to remain in effect, and interest charges will continue to accumulate until such time as the debt has been settled to the satisfaction of the University.

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Collection Agency

Once an account has been listed with our external collection agency, they will follow up on your account on our behalf. If you wish to contact them to discuss you payment options, you can reach them at 1-888-395-1147 or email them at ray.caruana@dagroupservices If you pay the collection agency directly, they will notify us of your payment(s) on a weekly basis.
The sanctions and rules regarding payment by personal cheque are still in effect until such time as the debt is settled, and/or the collection agency is confident that the payment has cleared your account.

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