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Income tax forms for students

Students must access their T2202A forms through their myUwindsor account.  For the first time, 2016 T4A slips were available electronically. Please log into your myUWindsor account and provide consent to receive your T4A electronically on the main page under "Online Tax Document Consent".

2017 tax doccumentation will be available in February 2018.

bulletIncome Tax Forms & Unpaid Accountsbullet

Tax Receipts and Confidentialitybullet

As a Univeristy of Windsor student in a qualifying program, you will receive a T2202A form which specifies the eligible amount of tuition that you may claim on your personal tax return.  You may be able to transfer these credits to your parent as well.  Please contact your tax professional or Canada Review Agency ("CRA") for further information. 

Please note that not all fees that you pay at the univeristy are eligible for the tuition credit.  These amounts are specified by CRA.  The T2202A form is also recorded on a calendar year, not an academic year.  Thus, the Winter term fees you pay, will be post of the T2202A of the year in which the term falls. 

If you have an outstanding balance with the University, your T2202A no dollar amounts will appear on your form.  You will however have access to the number of months of attendance recorded.  Please make a payment as soon as possible and your form will be made available to you.

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  Tax Receipts and Confidentiality

We cannot give tax forms to anyone but the student. Because your tax form contains your student ID number, University of Windsor Senate Bylaws forbid us to provide a printed form to anyone but the student. If you want your parents or other persons to receive this information, you must obtain it yourself and forward it to them.

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