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Withdrawal Dates

The University's refund structure is based on a weekly sliding scale and is not contingent on the delivery of classes.

For drop dates specific to the current term click here.


If you drop within these periods You will be charged
First and second week of term Nothing - FULL REFUND*
Third week of term 20% of your base tuition charges
Fourth week of term 30% of your base tuition charges
after the 4th week of term, NO incidental fees will be reversed
Fifth week of term 40% of your base tuition charges
Sixth week of term 50% of your base tuition charges
Seventh week of term 60% of your base tuition charges
Eighth and Ninth week of term 70% of your base tuition charges
After the ninth week of term NO REFUND

*If you have been required to leave a deposit (eg. Education, Law, MBA, Residence, etc) you may be subject to an administrative fee for withdrawal, or a full forfeit of your deposit, regardless of when the course is dropped. Contact the appropriate department for details.

This withdrawal schedule DOES NOT apply to the Centre for Executive and Professional Education (CEPE) programs - contact the Centre at for full details regarding withdrawal from these programs.

If you are dropping from 5 courses to 4 courses, there is no refund available as you are still considered a full-time student and charged full-time fees.

Please be aware that these rules change for 3 week and 6 week courses taken in the Summer semester. Please consult the Cashiers’ Office for further details.