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Volunteer at ElderCollege

Interested in volunteering at ElderCollege? Please contact our Program Manager, Catherine Fettes, at

Who Decides on What Courses are Offered?

A key component of Canterbury’s Eldercollege Program is its "Curriculum Committees". Have an idea for a course you would like to take or a course you would like to Manage–then develop your idea as a Proposal to be considered by either the City of Windsor or County Curriculum Committees. We are talking "brain-food" and creativity so many things may be considered as Courses and–remember–No Assignments & No Exams & No Credits Towards Anything but Yourself!

Who are Course Managers?

Well, actually, you could be one. Managing a course does not mean teaching a course, rather, it means organising and delivering a course. The course may feature you or it may feature one or more people you have recruited to deliver the course. You can develop a course as a "Course Manager", for example, on Astronomy, by recruiting a person or a few people who DO know about the Stars and Cosmos and then organising them to Deliver "your course". Then, you sit back, enjoy the course and learn.

How Does One Get a Course Developed?

Prepare a Course Proposal–we have forms available–and submit it to your local Curriculum Committee or our Program Manager, Catherine Fettes at