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Canterbury College Christian Studies Program

Our Christian Studies program offers a variety of interesting courses for you to consider.  Our courses are offered in two streams. 


Licentiate in Theology (LTh) Courses

This is a pre-degree program intended for those who take seriously a call to Ministry, while recognizing that "Ministry" is made manifest in many diverse yet equal ways. For example, the LTh may be undertaken:

  • for your personal development, to deepen and enhance your knowledge for discipleship
  • for those contemplating Ordained Ministry, Diaconal Ministry, or Ordination for Specialized Ministry
  • for those already engaged in Ministry who are seeking to complement their education
  • for those looking to work in Chaplaincy

By entering into agreements with other educational institutions, Huron University College has ensured that students across Canada, and across denominational traditionsl, will have a full range of course options.

LTh Course Requirements

A total of 16 courses, with an overall averqage of 65%, will be needed for successful completion of the LTh. The courses will take a variety of configurations regarding the number of in-class (face time) hours and online (cyber) components, totaling 18 hours per course. You will need to complete:

  • 2 core Theological Studies
  • 2 core Sacred Texts
  • 2 core History of Religion
  • 10 Electives

LTh Course Fees

  • $300 per course
  • Annual $17 registration fee, covers registration for all courses taken in that academic year

LTh courses can also be audited for a fee of $150 (the registration fee still applies). You will receive a certificate of participation, but no credit towards the Licentiate in Theology. If audited, the course may count towards Lay Reader qualifications.


LTh Background

The LTh has historically been used in Seminaries and Schools of Theology to provide opportunities for students without undergraduate degrees to study in theological areas. At times, for example post-WWII, the program was offered at Huron University College to provide training for ministry to students who had served in other capacities during the war(s). Since the Association of Theological Schools (a Faculty of Theology accrediting body) changed its requirements to allow Letters of Permission, the LTh has fallen out of use in most Ontario seminaries. The Faculty of Theology at Huron proposes to revive the certificate with the aim of using it in a twofold way:

1. to offer greater access to the resources of our faculty, especially for members of religious communities who do not seek admission to a degree program and/or for those who do not possess an undergraduate degree.

2. to introduce the general public to the discipline of Theology in a university setting with shorter courses leading to a recognized certificate.


The target audience for this certificate will be those individuals who are interested in pursuing academic studies but are reluctant to make the commitment to HUC's degree programs due to academic uncertainty, limited financial resources, or time. This may include individuals discerning a call to ministry, members of the general public who wish to know more about theology but are not interested in pursuing further academic or vocational studies, lay leaders within faith communities who seek greater knowledge and/or training.




Lay Reader Courses

General Interest Courses can fulfil Lay Reader requirements and are open to all who are seeking a better understanding of their faith and spirituality.


Canterbury College works in conjunction with Huron University College to provide educational opportunities which can count towards a Certification in Theology.

Canterbury College gratefully acknowleges the Anglican Foundation of Canada for their generous support of our Christian Studies Programs.