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Interfaith Initiatives
Interfaith Initiatives

Welcome to the Inter-Faith Initiatives at the University

Through a commitment to work cooperatively, the University of Windsor Interfaith Campus Community endeavours to assist the University Community: students, faculty, staff, alumni, and families, in achieving spiritual development, religious growth, and personal maturity within a University environment. This is done while respecting the integrity of different religious/faith traditions as well as those who profess no religion.

The University of Windsor is federated with three faith-based institutions:  Assumption University (Catholic), Canterbury College (Anglican) and Iona College (United).  The Chapliancies of these Christian institutions provide mutual support, generates joint programming, responds to the spiritual needs and concerns of the University Community both individual and corporate, etc.  They are also committed to co-operating wherever possible with the University Administration, Student Services and S.A.C. to care for the whole University Community: Students, Faculty, Staff, Alumni and their families.

As the University of Windsor continues to attract students of different religious traditions, student clubs have been formed to meet the needs of the student body.  A full listing of these clubs can be found on the website of the University of Windsor Student Alliance (UWSA).  

Together, these many different communities seek to better understand the world around them with tolerance and respect as well as a desire to learn more about unique importances of each faith tradition.