Mission & Vision

Reflecting the University’s goals as a whole, the mission of the Odette School of Business is expressed as follows:

Taking pride in our diverse student body, and oriented to a global context, we deliver educational opportunities in a positive learning environment. Our goal is to prepare students for successful business and professional lives.

We foster the development of managers and professionals through involvement with our key stakeholders, through responsive programs and delivery methods, and through our intellectual contributions.

Guiding this mission, the School’s vision is:

To be among the preferred schools for students and practitioners seeking competencies recognized as excellent by the business professions.

The Odette Experience schematic depicted below represents our intended strategy.

Our guiding objective is to provide a student experience that seamlessly integrates movement from theory-to-practice and practice-to-theory in all elements of our programs. Partnership drives this objective, with students, businesses, faculty and alumni working together. Strong staff at the administrative, program, and support levels are also key to effective partnering.