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Working to eradicate invasive species

A UWindsor biologist and students use pheromone research to outsmart the invasive sea lampre, an eel-like fish in the Great Lakes.

Young science enthusiasts to compete on campus

Let’s Talk Science event will challenge 100 elementary students to compete in a science quiz show and design competitions.

Student finds climate change impacts ringed seal behavior

UWindsor PhD candidate research provides evidence on how climate change impacts ringed seal behavior

UWindsor undergraduates sweep provincial biology competition

UWindsor students won five of the 11 awards on offer at Ontario Biology Day.

UWindsor scientists organize international conservation symposium

PhD candidate Christine Madliger and her supervisor, biology professor Oliver P. Love, organized the symposium Physiology in changing landscapes: an integrative perspective for conservation biology, to challenge biological scientists to try new techniques when researching how organisms are responding to changes in the environment.

Bio-diversity key to lowering impact of farm pests, posits biologist

A free public seminar Friday will explore whether increasing biodiversity on farmlands reduces the impact of insect pests on crop yield.

Stress of predation not healthy for bugs, scientist says

Predation may have a negative effect even on individual insects who escape their pursuers.

Lecture to assess benefits and concerns arising from GMO foods

A lecture Wednesday will discuss the development of genetically modified foodstuffs.

Fellowship recognizes professor’s research on Inuit fisheries

Professor Aaron Fisk has been named a 2015 Pew Marine Fellow to support his work to develop an Arctic fisheries research program.

BioArt cabaret brings art to life—and life to art

Students showed off their interdisciplinary creations December 10 at the BioArt Bouffant cabaret.