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Bird migration research earns top honours for fourth-year biology student

Based on the award-winning research of a fourth-year biology student, it should be a safe bet that most migratory birds will be a little late this spring getting back to the area from down south. After analyzing 18 years of bird banding data, Rachel Hasson discovered that nine varieties of song birds, ranging from orioles to warblers, were arriving back to southern Ontario anywhere from three to eight days early, depending on the change in temperature in any given year.

Strategies to slow climate change subject of lecture

Catherine Potvin will speak on “Halting Deforestation in the Tropics,” March 12 on the UWindsor campus.

Synergy award distinguishes university's environmental research

Winning a top national research award is an outstanding way for the University of Windsor to distinguish itself in the field of environmental research, according to two people who were in Ottawa Monday night to collect it.

Scientists win top national research award for salmon farm work

Three UWindsor biologists will receive a Synergy Award for Innovation today from NSERC.

International cancer research initiative closer to reality with donation

The first true international cancer research corridor in North America is one step closer to being launched in Windsor-Essex, thanks to a recent contribution from Windsor Regional Hospital. In late December, hospital board chair Gay Wrye presented the Windsor Cancer Research Group with a cheque for $25,000 as part of a matching challenge grant program.

Application of genomics to individualized medicine subject of lecture

UWindsor biology professor Andrew Hubberstey will discuss the ramifications of human genome sequencing in a free public lecture Wednesday.

Outstanding scientists receive research and infrastructure grants

A better understanding of the basic causes of genetic diseases will be just one of the many outcomes of new research grants in the Faculty of Science.

Forum to discuss Windsor’s ground-breaking research into cancer

Biology professor Lisa Porter will discuss local research programs into cancer in a free public forum on campus Tuesday.

Biologist appointed to Canada Research Chair position

An important new appointment for a biology researcher will help him connect with colleagues from around campus and around the world to tackle some of the most pressing environmental problems in the Great Lakes and the Canadian Arctic. Oliver Love, an assistant professor in Biological Sciences was named a Canada Research Chair in Integrative Ecology yesterday. The position brings $500,000 in research funding to the university over the next five years.

Ecologist teams up with Japanese scientists to tackle water pollution

An aquatic ecologist has recently returned to Canada from meetings in Japan where he played an integral role in determining how both countries can better protect their water resources from a variety of pollutants.