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Brewery tour to explore the biology behind beer

A tour of the Walkerville Brewery on August 26 will explore the microbiology of beer.

UWindsor researchers take wing at ornithological conference

UWindsor researchers made an impressive contribution to an international ornithological conference at last week, says one of its organizers.

Bench to commemorate late staffer

The university community is invited to a ceremony Monday dedicating a bench to the memory of Dorey Lafreniere.

Researchers identify lake trout spawning grounds using fish sex recordings

A research team has analyzed acoustic recordings of lake trout mating rituals to pinpoint popular spawning grounds in the Great Lakes.

New centre puts UWindsor at the Canadian forefront of alternatives to animal testing

The Canadian Centre for Alternatives to Animal Methods will promote human-centered research methods.

Motorcyclists wheel in to support fight against prostate cancer

A donation of more than $43,000 will support UWindsor research into using natural extracts to treat prostate cancer.

East Coast island draws birds and researchers alike

A team of UWindsor researchers is on a remote island on the East Coast studying the sounds and appearance of the savannah sparrow.

Student-faculty partnership creates cancer biology teaching lab

A new biology teaching lab will allow undergraduate students to start studying cancer in their first year.

Student to spend summer learning gene-editing technique in Japan

Kyle Stokes will study in Japan with Toshiro Sato, the researcher who first discovered how to grow organoids, mini-versions of organs.

Project to network medical research and clinical facilities

“Nucleus: Core Labs Enabling Solutions” will create a virtual inventory of equipment housed through the community.