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Faculty and Staff


Biological Science Faculty

Dr. Dora Cavello-Medved

Dora Cavallo-Medved - Lecturer, First Year Biology


 Dr. Jan Ciborowski

Jan Ciborowski Professor
Aquatic ecology, ecotoxicology

 Dr. Michael Crawford
Michael Crawford - Professor
Developmental genetics
 Dr. William Crosby William Crosby - Retired Professor
Bioinformatics, systems biology

Jeff Dason - Assistant Professor
Neurophysiology, Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience

 Dr. Ken Drouillard
Ken Drouillard - Professor
Ecological physiology, ecotoxicology
Dr. Stephanie Doucet Stéphanie Doucet - Associate Professor
Behavioural ecology, evolutionary ecology

Catherine Febria - Assistant Professor

Freshwater Restoration Ecology

Dr. Dan Heath Daniel Heath - Professor and Head of Integrative Biology
Evolutionary ecology, molecular ecology
Dr. Dennis higgs Dennis Higgs - Professor
Sensory biology
 Dr. Andrew Hubberstey
Andrew Hubberstey - Associate Professor and Head of BioMedical Sciences
Signal transduction pathways, cytoskeletal structure
 Dr. John Hudson John Hudson - Professor
Cell cycle, regulation of mitosis

Nigel Hussey - Associate Professor

Movement and Trophic Ecology


Phillip Karpowicz Image

Phillip Karpowicz - Associate Professor
Stem cell biology, regeneration, circadian rhythms


Dr. Oliver Love Oliver Love - Associate Professor
Evolutionary/Ecological Physiology, Behavioural Ecology
Dr. Hugh MacIssac Hugh MacIsaac - Professor
Biological invasions, aquatic ecology, conservation biology
 Dr. Dan Mennill Dan Mennill - Professor
Behavioural ecology, animal communication
Tanya Noel - Learning Specialist Tanya Noel - Learning Specialist - AASIII
Dr. Trevor Pitcher Trevor Pitcher - Associate Professor
Evolutionary ecology, behavioural ecology
Dr. Kirsten Poling Kirsten Poling - Science Teaching and Learning Specialist
 Dr. Lisa Porter Lisa Porter - Associate Professor
Cell cycle regulation, cancer biology
Dr. Datta Pillay

Munir Rahim, Assistant Professor


The Lab’s main focus is the innate immunity to virus infections and cancers. Of particular interest are the natural killer cells and other innate lymphoid cells, and their mechanisms of immune detection.

Christina Semeniuk - Assistant Professor
Predictive Ecology
  Julie Smit - Science Teaching and Learning Specialist
Dr. Andrew Swan
Andrew Swan - Associate Professor
Cell cycle regulation, Drosophila genetics
 Dr. Sherah Vanlaerhoven Sherah VanLaerhoven - Associate Professor
Insect ecology, forensic entomology, biological control
 Dr. Huiming Zhang
Huiming Zhang - Associate Professor
Neurophysiology, Auditory Neuroscience
 Dr. Barb Zielinski Barbara Zielinski - Professor
Olfaction in fishes

Professor Emeritus

Lynda Corkum - Professor Emeritus
Aquatic Ecology: spatial distribution, invasive species, animal behaviour
 Dr. David Cotter David Cotter - Professor Emeritus
Signal transduction, cell fate determination, germination


Hugh Fackrell - Professor Emeritus

Staphyloccal toxins, Immune defenses, Interactions, Age related changes

Dr. Douglas Haffner Douglas Haffner Professor
Ecological physiology, ecotoxicology
  Jon Lovett-Doust - Professor Emeritus
Plant Ecology
 Dr. Datta Pillay Datta Pillay - Professor Emeritus
Gene expression
 Dr. Peter Sale Peter Sale - Retired University Professor
Coral reef ecology, fish ecology
Dr. Alden Warner Alden Warner - Professor Emeritus
Molecular development and regulation
I Micheal Weis - Professor Emeritus
Polar ecology of arctic plants, contaminants in arctic and temperate ecosystems

Biological Sciences Staff

Nancy Barkley
Secretary to the Heads of IBIO and BioMed and Graduate Program (

Ingrid Churchill

Stockroom Coordinator and Technician  (

Chris Côté

Admin/Finance Clerk  (

Candy Donaldson (Sept - April)

1st Year Biology and Ecology Coordinator  (

Norah Hart

Biotechnology Coordinator   (

Martha Hiuser
Undergraduate BIO/BCN Secretary (

Bob Hodge
Core Facilities Maintenance Technician   (

Paula Tetreault

Departmental Secretary (


Rodica Leu

Stockroom Technician   (

Sara McNorton

Anatomy Demonstrator  (