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Dr. Dora Cavallo-Medved

Dora Cavallo-Medved - Assistant Professor


 Dr. Jan Ciborowski

Jan Ciborowski - Professor
Aquatic ecology, ecotoxicology

 Dr. Michael Crawford
Michael Crawford - Professor
Developmental genetics
 Dr. Melania Cristescu Melania Cristescu - Adjunct Professor
Evolutionary genetics, genome evolution
 Dr. William Crosby William Crosby - Professor
Bioinformatics, systems biology
 Dr. Ken Drouillard
Ken Drouillard - Associate Professor
Ecological physiology, ecotoxicology
 Dr. Stephanie Doucet Stéphanie Doucet - Associate Professor
Behavioural ecology, evolutionary ecology
 Dr. Douglas Haffner Douglas Haffner - Professor
Ecological physiology, ecotoxicology
 Dr. Dan Heath Daniel Heath - Professor
Evolutionary ecology, molecular ecology
Dr. Dennis Higgs Dennis Higgs - Associate Professor and Head
Sensory biology
 Dr. Andrew Hubberstey
Andrew Hubberstey - Associate Professor
Signal transduction pathways, cytoskeletal structure
 Dr. John Hudson John Hudson - Associate Professor
Cell cycle, regulation of mitosis
 Dr. Oliver Love Oliver Love - Assistant Professor
Evolutionary/Ecological Physiology, Behavioural Ecology
Dr. Hugh MacIssac Hugh MacIsaac - Professor
Biological invasions, aquatic ecology, conservation biology
 Dr. Dan Mennill Dan Mennill - Associate Professor
Behavioural ecology, animal communication
 Dr. Trevor Pitcher Trevor Pitcher - Associate Professor
Evolutionary ecology, behavioural ecology
 Dr. Kirsten Poling Kirsten Poling - Assistant Professor
Teaching and mentoring
 Dr. Lisa Porter Lisa Porter - Associate Professor
Cell cycle regulation, cancer biology
Christina Semeniuk - Assistant Professor
Predictive Ecology
 Dr. Julie Smit Julie Smit – Assistant Professor
Teaching and learning specialist
Dr. Andrew Swan
Andrew Swan - Assistant Professor
Cell cycle regulation, Drosophila genetics
 Dr. Sherah Vanlaerhoven Sherah VanLaerhoven - Associate Professor
Insect ecology, forensic entomology, biological control
 Dr. Huiming Zhang
Huiming Zhang - Associate Professor
Neurophysiology, Auditory Neuroscience
 Dr. Barb Zielinski Barbara Zielinski - Professor
Olfaction in fishes

Professor Emeritus

Lynda Corkum - Professor Emeritus
Aquatic Ecology: spatial distribution, invasive species, animal behaviour
 Dr. David Cotter David Cotter - Professor Emeritus
Signal transduction, cell fate determination, germination


Hugh Fackrell- Professor Emeritus

Staphyloccal toxins, Immune defenses, Interactions, Age related changes

 Dr. Datta Pillay Datta Pillay - Professor Emeritus
Gene expression
 Dr. Peter Sale Peter Sale - Retired University Professor
Coral reef ecology, fish ecology
 Dr. Alden Warner Alden Warner - Professor Emeritus
Molecular development and regulation
I Micheal Weis - Professor Emeritus
Polar ecology of arctic plants, contaminants in arctic and temperate ecosystems


Nancy Barkley

Brenda Bourque

Ingrid Churchill

Norah Franklin

Bob Hodge

Rodica Leu

Sara McNorton

Barb Zimmerman