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Work Study Student Information

New for 2017-18 - Deadline to apply for Work Study is September 15, 2017 for both undergraduate and graduate students (domestic and international)!  Decisions will be sent to students by Thursday, September 21st.

Save the date! There will be a mandatory half-day  orientation session for all approved Work Study students. Students will have four sessions to choose from:
1. Friday September 22nd from 8:30am-12:00pm
2. Friday September 22nd from 1:00pm-4:30pm
3. Saturday September 23rd from 8:30am-12:00pm
4. Saturday September 23rd from 1:00pm-4:30pm

Once approved to participate in Work Study, you will be directed to register to attend a session and may choose whichever one works best for your schedule. Each offering will include a professional development program designed to get you off to a good start with your new Work Study experience by addressing the following topics:

- Work Study as an experiential learning program;
- Skills, competencies, and career development;
- Workplace communication and professionalism (presented by SkillsCamp);
- Resume writing;
- Interview skills;
- Instructions for online preparation activities and Work Study job applications.

Please read through the following information carefully as it will help to answer many of your questions and it will provide you with the additional resources and contacts if your questions are not answered here.

Important Student Information
Maintaining Eligibility in the Work Study Program
Application Process
Conducting Your Job Search
Getting Paid

Work Study: Student Info

Work Study funds approximately 400 part-time jobs on campus for students demonstrating financial need related to basic living expenses and direct educational costs.  Positions offer the opportunity for both financial benefits and skills development.

To be considered for the Work Study Program, domestic students must first apply for government student assistance.  Work Study is considered for domestic students when government financial aid is not sufficient to meet a student's direct educational costs.

International students must demonstrate financial need through a written statement and by providing a budget on the Work Study application.  Additional information and documentation to support the application may be requested.  Applicants who have demonstrated financial need and are not in receipt of other funding from the University of Windsor will be considered for participation first.  Remaining applicants will be selected at random provided that all other determining factors are equal.

There is a limit on the number of applications which will be approved based on budget limitations.  It is important that students apply and attempt to get hired early in the process.  All work study positions will pay $14.00 per hour plus 4% vacation pay.

Winter Start Students: Provided that a winter-start student has applied by the September 15 application deadline and there are positions still available in the Winter term, the Confirmation of Hiring deadline will be extended to January 20 for an employer who still has a position available.  If mandatory workshops can't not be completed in the fall term, another series of workshops will be available early in the Winter term.  Additional details will be made available at a later time.


To be considered to participate in the Work Study Program, all applicants must:

  • have demonstrated financial need
  • be registered in a degree or certificate program at the University of Windsor
  • domestic students must maintain at least 60% of a full course load for credit in each term (40% for students with a permanent disability)
  • international students must maintain at least 80% of a full course load for credit in each term, unless in their final term of study where the minimum load requirement is 60%
  • be in good academic standing in their program
  • domestic students must have a completed OSAP or government student aid assessment (for out of province students)
  • international students must be able to document unexpected, extenuating financial circumstances
  • complete a Work Study application by the September 15 application deadline
  • UNDERGRADUATE students should be available to work at least 5 hours per week but are not authorized to work more than 24 hours per week
  • GRADUATE students should be available to work at least 5 hours per week however, certain conditions may apply. For additional information, please visit the Faculty of Graduate Studies webpage.  Should you have any questions about the guidelines specific to Graduate student employment on campus, please contact the Graduate Studies Office. Graduate Students with a full Graduate Assistantship (GS) will not be eligible for the Work Study Program.  Consideration may be given to students with partial GA's but decisions will be based on the student's financial need assessment.
Application Process
  • The application to apply for Work Study will be available starting August 1 for all students.
    • DOMESTIC UNDERGRAD students apply using the University of Windsor Work Study application.
    • DOMESTIC GRAD students apply using the University of Windsor Work Study for Graduate Students application.
    • INTERNATIONAL UNDERGRAD students apply using the University of Windsor Work Study - International application.
    • INTERNATIONAL GRAD students apply using the University of Windsor Work Study for International Graduate Students application.
  • Graduate student eligibility for Work Study will not be confirmed until AFTER October 1 once GA/TA/RA funding has been confirmed. Graduate student applicants may be required to provide a GRAD Income statement which must be signed off by their academic department.
  • To apply for the Work Study Program, logon to myUWINDSOR, click on "Financial Matters", then "Search for Awards", and follow the directions from there.
  • Decisions on eligibility will be sent to your University of Windsor email address.

Work study Deadline Dates


If attending:


Student Application
Last Day to Submit Hiring Forms Last Day
to Work
Fall Term Only August 1 September 15 November 15* November 20 December 22
Fall and Winter August 1 September 15 November 15* November 20 April 22**
Winter Only August 1 September15 January 15* January 20 April 22**

* Subject to change based on budget availability.  Apply and get hired early!  A limited number of positions will be reserved for Winter term start students who have applied by the deadline.  Employers intending on hiring a Winter start student will have until January 20 to submit the Confirmation of Hiring form.

** Payroll for week ending April 22 must be submitted by April 23 to Payroll for the April 27th deposit date.

Note: Work Study is not available in Summer.

Conducting Your Job Search
  • You must wait to receive an email from the Student Awards & Financial Aid Office confirming your eligibility for the Work Study Program before you will be able to conduct a job search.  It may take up to 48 hours from the date that you receive the email for your access to the Work Study job postings to activate.  If after 48 hours, you are still unable to access the job postings via mySuccess, email
  • Your approval for Work Study does not guarantee that you will be hired
  • You are responsible for doing your own job search and arranging your interviews. To SEARCH FOR A WORK STUDY POSITION, you must be approved for the program BEFORE arranging for an interview. Employers will ask to see your proof of approval.
  • Career & Employment Services can assist you with your resume writing and interviewing skills. Consider attending a workshop, resume clinic or visiting the centre during drop-in hours to speak with one of their career advising staff.
  • Once you are ready to start your job search, you can view the available work study jobs by logging on to mySuccess with your UWin ID and password and choosing Work Study from the menu.
Getting Paid
  • The Student Awards & Financial Aid Office will notify you by email once we receive a Confirmation of Hiring from your new employer.
    • First time working at the University of Windsor?
      • Ensure that you have also completed the full Student Hiring Package and have registered with the Human Resources Department.
      • Already have a UWindsor Employee ID#?  Forgot your employee #?  Log on to, go to Profile.
        • If you already have a UWindsor Employee #, you have worked at the University within the past year and there are no changes to your banking information, you are not required to complete the full Student Hiring Package with your employer.
          • You must however:
            • Provide your UWindsor Employee # to your employer
            • Employer to complete the Confirmation of Hiring form with new employee > employer to send to Student Awards
            • Employer to complete the Authorization to Hire a Student Form with new employee > employer to send to Human Resources
        • If you already have an employee number but you have not worked at the University for over one year, you must complete the full Student Hiring Package.
          • You must:
            • Provide your UWindsor Employee # to your employer
            • Employer to complete the Confirmation of Hiring form with new employee > employer to send to Student Awards 
            • Employer to complete the full Student Hiring Package with new employee > employer to send to Human Resources
  • Ensure that you complete the required health and safety training within two weeks of being hired.
  • Ensure that you report your hours to your employer at least once a week, unless you are required to sign in and out each time you report to work (determined between yourself and your employer).
  • Your employer is required to submit your hours to the Payroll Department on a weekly basis on the Work Study - Casual Wage Form available from the Payroll website.
  • Students are paid by direct deposit to their bank accounts every two weeks as long as hours are reported in a timely manner. Should you change banks or wish to use a different account than on record, send an updated Authorization Agreement for Direct Deposit form to the Payroll Department (4th Floor, Chrysler Hall Tower).
  • Please be sure to follow-up with your employer to ensure that all deadlines for payroll time sheet submission are met.