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Thanking Your Donor

If you have received a donor sponsored award at any point during your university career, please take a moment to send of letter of thanks to your donor.  Thanking people is very important and can make all the difference to donors, who appreciate hearing from recipients.  Donors are interested in knowing how their scholarship or bursary has impacted a student's life.  When donors know that their contributions are making a difference, they are encouraged to continue their support.

When writing a thank you letter, remember the following tips:

  • Write clearly and concisely and express enthusiasm.
  • Address the note/letter to 'Dear Mr. or Mrs.' or to the specific scholarship committee.
  • Choose a conservative note card.  The note should be on fine quality paper on a light tone, such as white, off-white or ivory.
  • You may either type or handwrite the note, which is sometimes more personal and shows a little extra effort.
  • Use a good quality pen in dard blue or black ink.
  • Keep the note short, specific and be sincere.
  • Spell everything correctly.  Have a friend or family member proof read  the note before you mail it.
  • Write something specific about yourself that makes you unique.
  • Sign the note/letter by hand and print your formal name.
  • Put your return address on the letter and envelope in case the donor wishes to reply.
  • Put adequate postage on the envelope.
  • Mail your thank you note within 30 days after the receipt of your scholarship.

The structure of your letter should be:

Paragraph 1: Thank the donor for his/her generosity in providing you with these funds and explain how this scholarship made a difference in your education.

Paragraph 2: Tell the donor dome personal information about yourself.  You can give a brief description of where you come from and your specific major.

Paragraph 3: Give the donor some information concerning your future goals and how the scholarship has affected these goals.

Paragraph 4: Thank the donor again.