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Electronic Confirmation of Enrolment Process (OSAP) - Summer

Published on: Mon, 04/07/2014
Last Modified: Thu, 03/27/2014 - 3:30pm

Electronic Confirmation of Enrolment and Electronic Funds Deposit for Students in Receipt of OSAP

You must complete your paperwork for OSAP assistance for 13/14:

  • submit signature and declaration pages to Student Awards & Financial Aid (SAFA)
  • submit supporting documentation (if applicable) to SAFA
  • submit and process your Master Student Financial Assistance Agreement (MFSAA) through a Designated Postal Outlet (first time OSAP applicants ONLY)
  • submit OSAP Extension application if attending Inter and/or Summer full-time and you would like to extend your Fall/Winter OSAP application

Just prior to the start of classes, the Student Awards & Financial Aid Office will confirm enrolment electronically with the Ministry and then the OSAP funding will be sent electronically to either the University or to your bank account or both depending.

In order for the Student Awards & Financial Aid Office to confirm enrolment electronically, the following must occur:

  • all paperwork as outlined above must be processed and complete
  • you must be registered according to the percentage of course load as indicated on your application

If you have agreed to tuition fee redirection and there is sufficient OSAP funding to cover your tuition, your fees will be deferred automatically until the last day of the first month of classes to allow the electronic funds transfer to occur.  How do I figure out if I have to make a payment by the fee payment deadline? 

NOTE: If you have NOT agreed to tuition fee redirection, then you must ensure that your tuition is paid promptly once the OSAP funding is deposited into your bank account.  Technically you have until the last day of the first month of classes to pay your fees from your OSAP deposit.  However, whatever portion is not being covered by OSAP, is what must be paid by the posted fee deadline date.

If you would like to change your mind so that your OSAP funding can be redirected to the University to pay your fees, the following form can be used to make the request to change this option on the application.  This form must be received by our office by August 1st for Fall, December 1st for Winter, and April 1 for Summer.


The Confirmation of Enrolment process can start as early as 10 days from your expected study period start date. 

September Start - End of August
January Start - End of December
May Start - May 1st
July Start - end of June

Once our office has confirmed enrolment, funding will be requested and it will take approximately 5-7 business days for the funds to transfer into your bank account/University.


If your OSAP web status states that the school must confirm enrolment and there are no other issues with your account, please do not call the SAFA office as our phone queue is extremely busy at this time.  We will do our best to ensure that all eligible accounts are confirmed within the appropriate timelines as outlined above.


Here is some important information to understand now that your enrolment has been confirmed by the Student Awards & Financial Aid Office.

Student Awards & Financial Aid
(519)253-3000 ext.3300