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Student Awards & Financial Aid

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The Student Awards and Financial Aid Office has moved to a new location at Room 1124, Basement, Faculty of Education Building.

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The staff in the Student Awards & Financial Aid Office are dedicated to assisting students with meeting their financial obligations with respect to their post-secondary educational costs.  If you have questions regarding your financial aid eligibility, please contact our office.  You may request an appointment to meet with one of our Financial Aid Specialists or our Financial Aid Administrator if you have special circumstances.

The University of Windsor offers many scholarships, bursaries and awards which are based on both academic merit and financial need.

The Student Awards & Financial Aid Office has a three fold function:

  1. Recognition of academic achievement.
  2. Accommodation of financial need.
  3. Dissemination of information on the various awards available for undergraduate study at the University of Windsor.

A student award may take the form of a citation, medal, gift, prize or grant of money presented to a student. In some instances students must submit an application form for consideration, although some are assigned based strictly on grades. Some awards give consideration to a combination of factors, for example, academic merit, financial need, volunteerism and/or leadership potential.

Awards at the University of Windsor include the following:

Granted to a student entering university directly from high school. These include Open Scholarships, Competition Awards, and others.

Awards offered to students in second year and beyond, based on consideration of at least one of the following attributes: academic merit, financial need, school involvement. Some are specific to a particular course or program of studies

Part-time work is available on campus to those students who qualify for participation. The program is need-based and provides a supplement to other available student assistance in addition to valuable work experience. This is especially important for those students who will be managing student loan repayment upon graduation.

The office explains the procedural and policy guidelines of the OSAP program, assists students during the application process, and distributes funds to eligible students. A variety of appeals are also addressed through the office's intervention.  This office handles all reviews and reassessment requests related to OSAP eligibility and assists students with preparing appeals for submission to the Ministry of Training, Colleges & Universities as well as the OSAP Appeal Board.

This office is responsible for the administration of all bursary programs offered under the OSAP umbrella, such as the UWindsor Special Bursary, the Bursary for Students With Disabilities, Child Care Bursary and the Part-time Student Loan/Grant Program.