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Dr. Laura Elizabeth Pinto BComm '92, BEd '94, MEd '98

2009 Recipient of the Alumni Odyssey Award

Laura PintoPinto is currently with the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education at the University of Toronto where she graduated earlier this year with a PhD. At that time, she was awarded the Governor General’s Gold Medal, which since its inception in 1873, is considered to be the most prestigious award given at convocations by Canadian institutions recognizing a student with the highest academic standing at the graduate level. Early in her teaching career she was awarded by the province for her work with both the Partners for Changeand Making a Difference awards. This led her to her role as a curriculum policy-maker for Ontario secondary school reform where she applied her expertise to improve business education in Ontario.

Laura is a well known author in her field with publications for academic and professional audiences internationally. Notably, she co-authored three innovative and widely used information technology textbooks for Prentice-Hall, Nelson and Irwin. Much of her research has been published in top-tier journals and she has served as a research team member on a number of multi-disciplinary and large-scale projects.

During her doctorate she was the recipient of a number of OGS and SSHRC scholarships and fellowships which attest to her level of scholarship. Her external advisor for her dissertation was a distinguished scholar named Michael W. Apple and he noted “this is important work which will shed light on the structures and processes necessary to democratize education policy and education”.

- November 2009