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David Phillips BA ’66

2012 Recipient of the Alumni Award of Merit

As a senior climatologist for Environment Canada, David Phillips is Canada’s weather guru.

He grew up in Windsor, studied geography at the University of Windsor, and first worked at the Meteorological Branch of Transport Canada—conducting research on the Great Lakes in Toronto. Phillips produced various reports, including an article about a  limatic Severity Index that ranked 150 locations in Canada for their most extreme weather. When Southam News cited the article, Phillips was asked to go on television to respond. He has since become the spokesman for the Environment Canada  Meteorological Service.

Phillips received the Patterson Medal for Distinguished Service to Meteorology in Canada, two Public Service Merit Awards, honorary doctorates from the University of Waterloo, Nipissing University and the Order of Canada. He was also awarded the Camsell Medal by the Royal Canadian Geographical Society in 1993.

He has published several best-selling books including The Climates of Canada, Blame It On The Weather and The Day Niagara Falls Ran Dry. He is also the creator of Canada’s most popular calendar, The Canadian Weather Trivia Calendar.

Phillips was surprised and thrilled to receive the news that he is a recipient of the Alumni Award of Merit, “I am deeply and sincerely touched by the honour, especially given the outstanding body of alumni who can proudly call the University of Windsor their alma mater.

- November 2012