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Anna Maria Tremonti BA '77, BA Hons '78, LLD '01

Journalist returns to her roots

When she began her career at a small radio station in New Glasgow, Nova Anna posing for the camera and smilingScotia in 1978, she was the first woman hired to go on the air. Anna Maria Tremonti says there have been increasingly more women at all levels of journalism — shooting, editing, reporting, and producing — both in the newsrooms and in the field.

"I’ve seen an increase of women in all levels of newsgathering," says Tremonti. "What’s different now are the societal changes that allow bosses to see us as good enough — to do any story — regardless of gender, whereas once that was more difficult."

Tremonti can currently be seen as the host of the CBC radio show, The Current. Prior to working on The Current, she served as a correspondent and host of CBC TV's flagship investigative program the fifth estate. She has spent much of her career roaming the country and the world for the CBC.

Between 1991 and 2000, Tremonti filed reports for CBC Television from a rotating cast of international home bases: Berlin, London, Jerusalem, and Washington. She has covered conflict and crisis in more than 30 countries, providing the CBC with eyewitness accounts of the war in Bosnia, the Arab-Israeli conflict and the break-up of the Soviet Union.

For her work as a journalist Anna Maria has won two Gemini awards and an outstanding achievement award from Toronto Women in Film and Television. A graduate of the Communications Studies program, Tremonti received an honorary doctorate in 2001 from the University of Windsor in recognition of her contributions to Canadian journalism.

Complied from various sources by Tiffany Warriner 2004