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Antoni Cimolini, General Director, Stratford Festival
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Ali Al-Aasm BCS '03 Software Developer, Co-founder, Red Piston Inc.
Paul Alofs, BA '78, BComm '78 President and CEO, The Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation
Jim Annan BFA '00 Actor

Steve D. Anderson BA '98

Lawyer, Defend Your Points


Marc A. Barnicutt, BComm '89, MBA '90 COO, RBC Private Counsel
Renée Baillargeon, BA '72 Performer, choreographer, playwright, composer, adjudicator and director
Angela (Capannelli) Bates, BA '78, BEd '79 Enrolled in the Master of Education Program, University of Phoenix
Mike Bates BHK '95, MBA '04 Owner, reFine Fitness
Dr. Norbert Becker, BASc '67, PhD '70 Founder, Becker Engineering Group
Michael Bell, BA '66, MA '67 Former Canadian Diplomat
Kathryn Bernard, BSc '76 Microbiologist
Dr. Thomas M. Best, BHK '84 Professor, Chief of Sports Medicine, Ohio State University
Andrew Bhatia, BASc '86 Co-Founder, Axxon Computer Corporation
Kumar Bhatia, BCS '90 Co-Founder, Axxon Computer Corporation
Douglas Bingeman, BComm '79 Senior Trade Commissioner, the Canadian Consulate in Detroit
John Bitove, LLB '84 Majority Owner/Chairman, Priszm Brandz
Dr. Marc Boileau, BSc '85, PhD '90 Creator, DNAdetective
Judge Matthew Borowiec, BA '56 Retired Judge 
Joe Bowen, BA '73 Sports Announcer
Graham Brown, BHK '92, MHK '96  COO, Rugby Canada
Lisa Brush, BComm '92, MBA '93 COO, Sunrise Senior Living Real Estate Investment Trust
John Buchanan, BSc '86 University Research Liaison, Electronic Arts
Steven Bull BComm '05 Journalist
Partick Burke, BA '71, LLB '90 Fire Chief, Niagara Falls



Dr. Patrick Caines, BSc '80, MSc '82, PhD '85 Director, Post Market Surveillance, Boston Scientific Corporation
Mark Campbell, BScN '93 Nurse Anaesthetist, Children’s Hospital of Michigan 
Sandy Cardy, BComm '83 Vice President, Tax and Estate Planning, Mackenzie Financial Corporation
Bill (J. Willard) Carpenter, BA '57 Avid Volunteer
Bill Chapman, BComm '71, LLB '76 Artist, Lawyer
Jean-Pierre Chartrand BHK '99 Physiotherapist
Sherri Chartrand BHK '99 Physiotherapist
Derek Chiu BMT '01 Classical Pianist and Director
Richard Chow-Wah, BAS '80 Senior Vice President, Powertrain Manufacturing, Hybrid Kinetic Motors
Jenny Coco, MBA '85 CEO, Coco Group of Companies
Pam Collacott, BA '68 Owner, Operator, and Teacher at Trillium Cooking School
Joe Comuzzi, BA '54, LLB '80 Federal Cabinet Minister 
Derek Congram, BA '97 Forensic Archaeologist
The Honourable Peter Cory, BA '47 Companion to the Order of Canada
June Cotte, MBA '94 Associate Professor of Marketing, Richard Ivey School of Business
Thomas Cribbin, BComm '89 Founder, DataPlan (Sarnia) Ltd.
Alan Cumyn, MA '84 Human Rights Activist, Author



Christine Daly BSc '03, MSc '07 Wetland Reclamation
Anne Daniel, LLB '81 General Counsel, Department of Justice
Edward Daranyi, BFA '93 Performer, The Africa Project 
Brad Davidson, BComm '84 President, Kellogg's Snacks
Janet Davidson, BScN '71 President & CEO of Trillium Health Centre
Meredith DeGroat, MA '80 Founder, Totally Tropical Interiors Inc.
Annette DeMers, LLB '98 Librarian, Paul Martin Law Library
Hormomoz Djahanshahi, PhD '99 Leader, Technology Development Group, PMC-Sierra
Paul Dubé, LLB '90 Canada’s first Taxpayer’s Ombudsman
Dr. Vincent Duronio, BSc '78 Professor, School of Medicine, University of British Columbia


Dan Ebbinghaus, BComm '84 President, Société Internationale de Télécommunications Aéronautiques
Dr. Nancy Edwards, BScN '74 Nursing Professor, University of Ottawa
Frank Ewasyshyn, BASc '74, MASc '76, MBA '89, LLD '01 Executive Vice-President (Manufacturing), The Chrysler Group



Gavin Farrell, BA '96 Head Teacher, English Villages, South Korea 
Mark Fedikow, BSc '75, MSc '78 Exploration Geochemist and Mineral Deposits Geologist
Peter Fonseca, BEd '95 MPP, Mississauga East - Cooksville, Minister of Labour



Melanie Gardin BPA '97, LLB '00 Lawyer
Dr. Phillip Gardiner, BPHE '71, MPE '72 Director, Health, Leisure, & Human Performance Institute, University of Manitoba
Kehinde (Kenny) Gbadebo, MA '83, MEd '87 Founder/Director, Youth Connection Association of Windsor
Marty Gervais, MA '72 Poet, Playwright, Historian, Editor, Journalist, and Publisher 
Dr. Martin Girash, BSc '65, MA '68, PhD '73 President and CEO, Windsor Regional Hospital

Susanne Goodman, LLB '80

Judge, Superior Court of Justice, Newmarket, Ontario
Ida Goodreau, BComm '81, MBA '86 President and CEO, Vancouver Coastal Health
Michael H. Gordner, BA '68 Lawyer, Miller Canfield Paddock and Stone, P.L.C.
Sherry Grace, PhD '01 Associate Professor, York University
Dr. James Green, BSc '82 Chemistry Professor, University of Windsor



Mary Jo Haddad, BScN '84 President and CEO, The Hospital for Sick Children
Phillip Haddad, BA '66 Founder, SAGE
Rosita Hall, BSW '83 Motivational Speaker
Dr. Bill Hallett, BA '68, BPE '69, MHK '72 The Bill Hallett Fundraising Counsel
Mark Hecht, LLB '96 Professor, Faculty of Law, University of Windsor
Barbara Henderson, BComm '82 President, Lumina Corporate Communications Inc.
Scott Hillman, BHK '99 Next Level Sports Training, Odessa Jackalopes Defenseman
Krystyna Hoeg, MSc '79, BComm '80 President and CEO, Corby Distilleries
Dr. Patricia Hogan, BHK 76, BEd '77 Professor, Northern Michigan University
Tom Hogarth, LLB '78, BComm '83 Partner, Hogarth, Hermiston, Corporate and Estate Law
Dr. Christopher Hogue, BSc '90 Scientist, Samuel Lunenfeld Research Institute of Mount Sinai Hospital
Barbara Holt, DPN '90, BScN '93, BA '94 Member of the International Committee of the Red Cross
Cameron Hucker BA '03 Cinematographer
Shannon Hughes, BFA '03 English Instructor, Assistant Director, St. Andrews Drama Club 
Dr. Cindy Hutnik, BSc '85 Associate Scientist, Lawson Health Research Institute



Bev Jacobs, LLB '94 President, Native Women's Association of Canada
Jennifer Jones, BA '91 Partner, Media Street Productions
Peter Jones, BComm '78 President and COO, Castek
Claire Jullien, BFA '95 Actor, Stratford Shakespeare Festival



Debbie Kane, BScN '80 Nursing Professor, University of Windsor
Diana Mady Kelly, BA '60 Professor Emeritus, Actor, Theatre Director, and Administrator 
Stephen Kines, LLB '94 Global Equity Partner and Co-Head, Global Telecoms Group
Fred Kingston, LLB '81 Senior Advisor, the Economic and Commercial Affairs Section of the Delegation of the European Commission
Thomas Knowlton, BA '68, MBA '70 Retired Dean, Faculty of Business, Ryerson
Les Kotzer, LLB '87 Lawyer



Steven Langlois, BA '92, BEd '93 Teacher, Recording Artist (Étienne)
Guy Laporte, BComm '92 Director of Development, Canadian Feed The Children
Tom LaSorda, BComm '77, BA '77, MBA '81 COO, The Chrysler Group
Jo-Anne Lazarus, BHK '72, MHK '77 Associate Professor, Undergraduate Coordinator of Kinesiology, University of Wisconson
Bob Lindquist, BComm '68 Forensic Accountant
Dr. Frederick Longstaffe, BSc '73 Provost and Vice-President, University of Western Ontario
James Loaring BComm '02 Owner, Head Coach, Loaring Personal Coaching, Certified Triathlon Coach
Aaron Lowe, BHK '03 Olympic Ice Skater
Gregory Luciani, BA '00 President, Travelonly Inc.



Geoff MacDonald, MBA '94 Lead Manager, Trimark Canadian Endeavour Fund
Padruig MacIntosh, BASc '01 Fighter Jet Pilot, Flight Instructor
Marc Mallette, BA '83 Videographer, TSN 
Stephen Mandel, MA '72 Mayor of Edmonton 
Ellen Marchildon, BScN '69 Mental Health Nurse, St. Michael's Hospital, Toronto
Sergio Marchionne, BComm '79, MBA '85 CEO, Fiat and The Chrysler Group
Normand Marcoux, BSc '88, BComm '91, MBA '92 Founder, Advanced Machining Services Inc.
Don Mavinic BASc '69, MASc '71, PhD '73 Turning waste into a commercial fertilizer product
Aaron Mavrinac BASc '05, MASc '08, PhD '12 Research Engineer
Dr. Wayne Marino, MPE '72 Professor of Kinesiology, University of Windsor
Dr. John McCorquodale, PhD '70 Environmental Hydraulics Specialist
Dr. William McDermott PhD '77 Psychologist, Expert in the trauma of war and disaster
Stuart McGregor, BEd '04 Paralympic Athlete
Dr. Scot McFadden, BA '73, MA '75 Organizational/Performance Psychologist, Dallas Stars NHL
Joseph Mimran, BComm '75 Developer, Joe Fresh
Kamran Mofid, BA '80, MA '82 Founder Director, Globalisation for the Common Good Initiative
Doug Moore, BA '88 Founder, Liam's Light (Registered Charity)
Roly Morris, BComm '75 President and CEO, KREMEKO Inc.
Barry Munholland, BComm '77, MBA '78 Acting Managing Director, Bermuda Commercial Bank
Stephen Murdoch, LLB '80 Associate Dean, Groupe École Supérieur de Commerce de Rouen


Ian Naisbitt, BA '73, BEd '74 Retired Elementary School Teacher



David O'Brien, BA '72 President and CEO, Toronto Hydro Corporation 
John Ottenheimer, LLB '02 Minister of Education, Minister of Youth Services and Postsecondary Education, Minister of Health and Community Services, Newfoundland and Labrador



Mark Palmer, BComm '90 Speaker, PeopleWerx
Pat Palmer, BComm '70 President and CEO, Where Eagles Soar Inc.
Guri Pannu LLB '07 Lawyer, Defend Your Points
Joanne Papari, BASc '84 Founder, Biochem Environmental Solutions
Richard Peddie, BComm '70, LLD '01 President and CEO, Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment
Tom Peddie, BComm '71 President, Western International Communications
Scott Peters, BA '88 Co-Creator/Co-Executive Producer and Writer, The 4400 
David Phillips, BA '66 Climatologist, Author
Yvonne Pilon BComm '07 Vice President, WEtech Alliance
Dr. Tina Pugliese, BA '84, BEd '85, MEd '96 Professor, School of Dramatic Art, University of Windsor
Sandra Pupatello BA '86, LLD '12 Politician and CEO, WindsorEssex Economic Development Corporation



Paul Renaud, BComm '77 President and CEO, OMERS Capital Partners
Robert Renaud, BA '69, MA '72 Executive in Residence at Odette School of Business
John Richels, LLB '78 President, Devon Energy Corporation
Amy Rivard, BFA '98 Performer, Celtic Women
Michael Robinson, LLB '99 Lawyer and Drummer
Peter Robinson, MA '75, MEd '86 Author
Dr. Byron Rourke, BA '62 Clinical Neuropsychologist
Dr. Sean B. Rourke, BSc '87, BA '89 Director of Research, St. Michael's Hospital
Jean Rysstad, BA '71 Author



Steve Salmons, BA '82, MBA '02 Senior Policy Advisor, Ontario's Management Board of Cabinet
Arvin Santos, BComm '96 COO and CFO, RBA Asset Management
John Savage, BComm '83, MBA '86 Executive Director and Founding Partner, Cypher Systems Group Inc.
Deborah Severs, LLB '84 Lawyer
Kevin Shannon, BA '96, LLB '99 Lawyer and Vocalist
Mike Shara, BFA '94 Actor, The Shaw Festival
Shirlee Sharkey, BA '76, BScN '78 President and CEO, Toronto's Saint Elizabeth Health Care
Nicholas Shields, BA '95 Co-founder, Suede Productions
John H. Simpson, MBA '80 Chartered Financial Analyst, Mulvihill Wealth Management
Moira Simpson, BA '95 Program Officer, World Food Program
Dr. Vern Stenlund, MEd '88 Professor, Faculty of Education, University of Windsor
Robert M. Stelmack, BA '63, MA '65 Adjunct and Visiting Professor, University of Ottawa
Larry Stout, BA '60 Journalist
Dr. Douglas Stocco, BSc '67, MSc '69 Professor of Cell Biology and Biochemistry at the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center
Sir Conrad Swan, BA '49, MA '51  Permanent Member of the Royal Household



Amanda Tapping, BFA '88 Actor, Stargate SG-1 
Audrey Thibert, BA '62, LLD '04 First Female President of the University of Windsor's Alumni Association
Roger Thibert BA '51, DSc '04 Professor Emeritus, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Eva Tihanyi, MA '78 Photographer, Artist, Poet, Novelist, and Professor
Dr. Anne Toth, BSW '80, MSW '84 Program Director, Canadian Association of the Deaf
Anna Maria Tremonti, BA '77, BA Hons '78, LLD '01 Journalist
Dr. Cynthia Trudell, PhD '78, LLD '99 Divisional President, Sea Ray Boats
Tim Turner, LLB '82 Executive Producer/General Manager, Circle Productions Ltd. 



Deepti Verma BComm '03 Forensic Accountant
Adrian Vido, BASc '80 Windsor Site Manager, Chief Operating Executive, Ford Motor Company
David Viveash, BA '71 Canadian Ambassador to Libya 
Dana Vranic, BFA '93 Performer, The Africa Project



Deborah Wadsworth, BFA '90 Founder, Liam's Light (Registered Charity) 
Brad Wallace, LLB '01 Lawyer, Musician "Justice and Music for All"
Prof. Lionel Walsh, BFA '81 Director, School of Dramatic Art, Unioversity of Windsor
Mike Webster, BA '85 Wilderness Guide and Paramedic
Bob Weeks, BA '83 Golf Analyst, TSN
Dr. James C. Wesenberg PhD '77 Clinical Chemist
Susan Whelan, LLB '88 Federal Cabinet MP
Robert Whent, BASc '83 Co-Founder, McGill Multimedia of Windsor
Staci (Neuts) Whittle, BA '90, BEd '99 Vice Principal, Harrow District High School
Dave Wilson, BComm '61 President and CEO, the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Ontario 
Megan Wing, BA '03, BA Hons '04 Olympic Ice Skater
Sheila Wisdom, BA '01, LLD '04 Former Executive Director, United Way/Centraide


Gerry Young, PhD '74 Neuropsychologist, St. Michael's Hospital


Alexander Zonjic, BMA '75 Jazz Recording Artist