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Balancing Career, Family, & Academic Life

Remaining in "good standing" on the job and at home may take a little bit of juggling now that you have added the exciting challenge of education!

Here are some tips from experienced part-time students.

  • Use a Planner (OPUS will provide you with on in September)- Record all your commitments & deadlines for work, family & school.  Include your planned study times.  Post a copy on the fridge so no-one has any surprises!
  • Share Family Responsibilities- Ask your spouse & kids to help set the table or wash the car.  This frees up your time while you spend time with your family.  Make it fun by working to music!
  • Declare One Night a Week as "Family Night"- Order pizza, play games, go for a walk; make it fun & relaxing not only for the kids but for yourself as well.
  • Be a Role Model- If you have school aged children set a block of time when you can all study together.  Make study time fun by serving nutritious snacks.  As well, let your family now both when you are both available and unavailable.
  • Discuss School at Work- Consider sharing your academic goals with your co-workers & boss.  This paves the way in case you decide to study rather than going out for lunch or if you ever need time off for studies.
  • Study During Your Breaks at Work- Always bring a textbook or a set of study notes so you can make good use of coffee breaks or lunchtime.
  • "Something's Gotta Give"- When you add studying to your schedule, it will take up time that used to be devoted to something else.  Be prepared to postpone a few things till the semester is over.